Days before our youngest child was born in 2009, I sewed up a small, compact blanket that I took with me to the hospital.  Being a rather seasoned Mom at that point, I knew that having the perfect blanket to cover her while she was in her car seat that wouldn't come up and cover her face would be important. That blanket became our "go-to" blanket when traveling, which she did a lot as the youngest of 3!  Never left home without it and we always knew where to find her car seat. (critical when in a hurry!) 10 years later and we are ready to share the NINI blanket with you!  (Pronounced N(eye)N(eye) and not surprisingly named by our youngest child!)

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We absolutely adore our NINI my little girl will not leave home without hers and sleeps with it every night.


We absolutely love our NiNi blanket! I love how soft and cuddly it is without it being too heavy on my baby. I don't worry about it falling off and I don't worry about him getting overheated either! I also love how many adorable designs there were to pick from. We went with white with a black and white grid pattern that is so chic, modern and can definitely be used again for another baby regardless of gender. I love things we can pass down!


We love our NINI blanket! It’s soft, cuddly and the perfect size for our car seat. It is so easy to tuck around our baby and we don’t have to worry about blankets touching the floor or getting in her mouth. Thank you NINI!